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Kearney Regional Medical Center’s Maternity Care Center boasts the latest in technology.

“We are excited about the expansion and the ability to serve the Kearney area and surrounding community,” Director of Support Services Travis Gregg said as he gave tours Thursday.

The new maternity center will have an open house from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. today (Saturday). Tours will be conducted, and light refreshments will be served.

Doors open Monday to patients.
The maternity wing is part of a $40 million expansion on the south side of the hospital at 804 22nd Ave. Construction began in October 2015.

The physician-managed hospital also added 23 patient rooms, six Intensive Care Unit beds, and an Emergency Department, which includes five beds. The expansion included a maintenance building and helicopter pad.

The Maternity Care Center has its own entrance.

“The center is peaceful, relaxing, and everything a birthing mom and medical staff needs is at our fingertips,” Registered Nurse and Maternity Services Manager Dani Peisiger said.

With 12 years of experience, the Kearney nurse says she’s looking forward to being a part of birth stories again. She came on board in September and said she’s been anxiously awaiting for the center to open.

“The unit was designed to give laboring mothers the best care, which includes large rooms, bathrooms with spa features with relaxing lighting, jetted tubs and rainhead showers, she said.

However the wing does not include a nursery to encourage rooming in. Rooming in after birth is when a newborn stays in the room with his or her mother instead of going to the hospital’s nursery.

“Rooming in allows moms to bond with their babies and adds an additional step of security. Of course, we understand some moms are just exhausted, and we’re happy to cuddle with those babies. It’s the best part of our job,” Peisiger said.

The rooms include a sofa that can be converted to a bed for new dads or other family members.

“The rooms also have an added step of security. A nurse must unlock the doors for parents to enter and when parents exit the room,” Peisiger said.

The 19,000-square-foot Maternity Care Center is staffed with 30 employees, has a gift shop, 10 labor and delivery rooms, two antepartum rooms, a spa tub for antepartum care, a surgery room, two on-call rooms for doctors and a four-bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with state-of-the-art-technology, including a wireless telemetry monitor compared to the traditional method of fetal monitoring with belly bands.

“These units allow us to monitor a baby’s vitals, helping moms to be more mobile,” she said.

The NICU has state-of-the-art isolettes for infants.

“For babies who need a little help after birth, they can go to the NICU to rest and grow. We have the latest in technology isolettes that allow us to take care of the preemies a number of ways with little disruption,” Peisiger said.

Giraffe Isolettes in the unit create a stable and controlled environment.

“We can monitor their vital signs, administer light therapy for jaundice, take X-rays, check their weight without the baby ever leaving the isolette,” RN Jamie Cummings said.

The Maternity Care Center includes a nourishment center, a waiting area and a registration area.

“Because we have our own entrance, moms don’t have to register at the main registration center of the hospital. Moms can come here to be checked for any concerns without having to be admitted to the hospital,” Peisiger said.

She said she looks forward to opening day and has been giving tours to community members and expecting moms, “Monday can’t come soon enough,” Peisiger said.

By Heather Riggleman
Kearney Hub Writer