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Fusion biopsy for prostate cancer is available right here in Central Nebraska. Kearney Regional Medical Center is one of only a few U.S. hospitals offering this advanced technology, and the only facility in Nebraska outside of Lincoln and Omaha.

Fusion Guided Prostate Biopsy combines the use of MRI and ultrasound technology to generate real-time biopsy images. Radiologists use this technology to identify and highlight nodules in the prostate suspicious for cancer. This then allows urologists to accurately target and biopsy the suspicious area(s).

Before MRI Fusion technology was available, biopsies involved the collection of randomly selected biopsy cores from predefined areas within the prostate. This new technique can be nearly twice as sensitive in finding prostate cancer than standard biopsies.

Interventional Radiologists Dr. John Allen and Dr. Sean Pietrini of Advanced Radiology, and Urologists Dr. Garrett Pohlman and Dr. LaRoy Williams of Kearney Urology Center, P.C., have utilized this new technology for more than 100 patients to-date.

Patients who are good candidates for fusion biopsy are:

  • Those with high blood prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels
  • Those who have undergone standard ultrasound-guided random needle biopsy to screen for prostate cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, discussion about screening for prostate cancer should take place at age 50 for men who are at average risk of prostate cancer, or at age 45 for men at high-risk of developing prostate cancer. Please talk with your doctor about how and when to screen, and the pros and cons of prostate screening for your situation.