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Urologists and Radiologists are using their latest procedure, fusion guided prostate therapy to diagnose Prostate Cancer more accurately.

According to Dr. Sean Pietrini, an interventional radiologist with Advanced Radiology in Grand Island, fusion guided prostate biopsy combines the use of MRI’s and ultrasound for a targeted biopsy of the prostate.

During the biopsy, Pietrini said the physicians doing the procedure are able to use images from the MRI to identify suspicious areas, which allows for a greater accuracy and helps to visualize and evaluate questionable areas.

“It’s definitely more predominate in older men, but we do see it in people in their fifties. I don’t know that I’ve seen it in a lot of thirty to forty year old men, but it’s definitely something we screen regularly for in people middle age and beyond,” said Pietrini.

As the second most common cancer in men, next to skin cancer, the American Cancer Society reports they expect to see just over two hundred thousand cases of prostrate cancer for the year 2021.

According to the American Cancer Society the average age of diagnosis for Prostate Cancer is about 66.