COVID Information: Review our current visitor policies or visit the COVID-19 Resource Center. *For everyone’s safety, masks are required at all times in our facilities. Thank you.

Effective Saturday, September 12th one visitor will be allowed per patient at Kearney Regional Medical Center.

The decision to allow a visitor for each patient was primarily made to allow for better communication with patients’ families. In addition to caring for patients, nurses have been tasked with coordinating regular communications between patients, physicians and family members. Care Coordination Manager Lacey Keeshan, RN said, “We’ve seen a dramatic increase in the need for regular reports to family members during the No Visitor period. Allowing a patient to have a visitor present will allow the family to coordinate some of those communications on their own.”

Allowing one visitor also provides great comfort for patients. While many families have taken advantage of Window Visits, Face Time, and other alternative ways of communication, “There’s nothing like having your mom or close friend hold your hand when you need it,” says Keeshan.

Universal Masking is a key component to keeping visitors, patients and staff safe. “If someone chooses to visit his/her loved one in our facility, we feel the policies we have in place will keep them safe,” said Infection Prevention Coordinator Josette McConville, RN.

All visitors will be screened for COVID-19 upon arrival and will be asked to stay in their patient’s room and avoid common areas. They must always wear a mask in the facility. Procedural masks are provided, or cloth masks are also acceptable.

The ‘No Visitor’ policy went into effect on August 11th to limit exposure to the COVID-19 virus within the hospital. One visitor was allowed per outpatient surgery patient to receive discharge instructions and provide the patient’s transportation. Maternity patients and NICU babies were also allowed a support person. Exceptions remain in place for pediatric patients, Comfort Cares patients, and care takers accompanying patients at Platte Valley Medical Clinic.

Maintaining the minimal number of visitors in the facility is still optimal for infection control.

As we head into cold/flu season, the risk for COVID-19 is not diminishing, in fact the percentage of positive tests being conducted at Kearney Regional Medical Center/Platte Valley Medical Clinic is going up. Last week 23% of tests conducted at KRMC were positive for COVID-19. The in-house ‘Risk Dial’ remains at “Elevated.” 

Later next week, an expanded Respiratory Clinic will open on the north side of Platte Valley Medical Clinic. Any current patients experiencing cold, flu or COVID-19 symptoms will be seen in this location to minimize contact within the facility. Patients wanting to be seen in the Platte Valley Respiratory Clinic should call 308-865-2263 to speak to a nurse and schedule an appointment.

For a full list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding signs and symptoms of COVID-19, testing and treatment options, please visit