COVID Information: Review our current visitor policies or visit the COVID-19 Resource Center. *For everyone’s safety, masks are required at all times in our facilities. Thank you.

Effective Monday, June 1, 2020

One (1) healthy adult visitor will be allowed per patient throughout our facility.

Patient must designate their approved visitor upon admission. Visitor must remain masked and wear the provided visitor badge throughout their stay. Visitors may bring their own surgical or cloth mask, or a surgical mask will be provided.

All visitors will be screened for illness and COVID-19 exposure.

Visitors will be restricted to the room of the patient they are visiting and not be allowed to walk the halls or visit common areas.

*All other special circumstances including, but not limited to, end-of-life visitation will be approved by the patient’s physician.

With our current Limited Visitor Policy, we are allowing family and friends to visit loved ones through the windows of our facilities, with patient permission. To visit in the way, patients can provide their room number to family/friends. Visitors can utilize the map on this page to find their loved one’s room. Proper social distancing should always be followed, and visitation should be kept to a minimum number of people. We are also encouraging patients to utilize their cell phones for phone calls or video conferencing with loved ones. Cell phones/tablets can be dropped off at the front desk if patients do not have them with them upon admission, and nurses can help patients place phone/video calls. *If bringing a phone – make sure to label it and bring a charger.