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Intensive Care

Welcome to the Kearney Regional Medical Center’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

If you or a family member are experiencing intensive care, you’ll be under the care of a coordinated team led by a critical care specialist (sometimes referred to as an intensivist).

Your critical care specialist will be highly capable in a broad range of conditions as well as the procedures or devices that may be needed to provide you the absolute best care. Our critical care specialists will also help you and those closest to you with any difficult decisions that tend to arise in critical care or intensive care unit situations.

Our care team is here to ensure high-quality, state-of-the-art care for you or your loved one.

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Having a Patient in the ICU
Patients in the ICU are monitored 24-hours a day and are assessed frequently to evaluate their condition.

Model of Care
Monday-Friday ICU Physician/Daily Care Conferences are performed on each patient with the ICU Intensivists. This includes discussion of diagnoses, continued plan of care, critical drugs, and future discharge planning. Please let your nurse know of any concerns you would like addressed during these conferences.

Visitation in the ICU
The goal of our staff is to provide a safe and healing environment that maximizes the patient’s ability to heal. Our team of critical care experts is here to help your loved one through life-threatening illnesses and assist in their recovery. Your family member is our priority. We believe that family support can be a vital part of the healing process. We encourage visitation within the guidelines listed. Families may acquire one badge that provides access to the ICU within the specified visitation guidelines.

Hospital Entrance Hours
The main entrance doors lock at 6:00 PM and reopen at 5:30 AM. If you are visiting after the doors are locked, you may enter through the Emergency Department, and a staff member can assist you in finding the ICU.

Overnight Accommodations
Discounted hotel rates are available at several local hotels for family members with loved ones that are patients at Kearney Regional Medical Center. Please visit with a staff member for more information.

Visitation Guidelines
The ICU is closed to visitors between 5:30 and 7:30 both AM and PM. This allows for change of shift activities and report where critical information is exchanged. Limiting interruptions during report ensures the safety, confidentiality and best nursing care for your loved ones while they are in the ICU. We ask that family visits on the bottom of the hour since nurses assess at the top of the hour. Limit visits to 10 minutes.

Please Respect Any Signs posted on doors.

  • Wash Your Hands Please wash your hands and/or use alcohol gel upon entering and leaving the patient’s room.
  • Don’t Visit if you are sick If you are experiencing symptoms of illness, we ask that you do not visit the hospital. Exposure to illnesses can be harmful to our patients and delay their recovery.
  • Phone conversations are best carried out in the waiting room.
  • Please limit visitors to no more than two or three people at a time.
  • Visitor Food/Drinks and plants or fresh flowers are not allowed in the patient rooms. Only latex-free balloons are allowed.
  • If the doors and curtains are closed in the room of your loved one, please check with nurses before entering. This ensures patient privacy, dignity and completion of care.
  • We highly encourage that family members do not stay overnight at the bedside. Having a patient in the ICU is very stressful; families must remember to take care of themselves as well.
  • Please speak with the nurse about children under 8 visiting. An adult must be present at all times when children are visiting.
  • Please remember that all situations are different, and guidelines may be modified

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